Success Stories

I came in to see Amy at Flamborough Family Chiropractic as a last desperate attempt to find help in recovering from the worst Sciatica I have ever experienced.  The “charlie-horse” type crippling pain radiated down both my legs for weeks as well as spasms in my sciatic whenever I sat down or moved while sleeping.    It seemed that every where I turned nobody wanted to help get to the root of the pain but only treat me with medication and tests.  I was emotional and desperate.  I could hardly walk, sleep or do menial chores around the house.  The guilt of being “injured” caused me to slowly slip into depression which I have never experienced before in my life.

I was reluctant to seek chiropractic care due to a previous bad experience with another chiropractor who manually cracked my neck and practically laid on me to make adjustments to my body.  I dreaded each visit and eventually stopped treatment.  That was about eight years ago. But at this point I was ready to try anything in a desperate attempt to find relief.  When I met Amy she was genuinely concerned with my condition and very thorough with her plan for my recovery.  I am sure she was aware that I was an emotional wreck and close to tears for the first few visits.  She was very gentle with her manipulations and sensitive to my pain.  Amy slowly increased treatment at each new visit.  I was very surprised with her technique and it was far more comfortable than a body laying on you!  It’s been four weeks since I first visited Amy and my pain has significantly decreased!  I can now walk without spasms and pain in my legs!  My spirit has been lifted and my depressed state is an emotion of the past! I am fully enjoying life again and can finally enjoy the wind in my hair on the back of my husbands Harley!  I would highly recommend seeing Amy if you are in pain.  Don’t wait like I did and suffer for months due to a reluctance to Chiropractic.  Make it your first choice in recovery.  You’ll be enlightened at Flamborough Family Chiropractic.  Thank you Amy!  You’ve changed my life!

Cindy D.

For several years I was unable to raise my right arm above shoulder height.  This made reaching, as well as washing and brushing my hair very difficult.  Although I had never been to a chiropractor before, I went at the urging of a friend who recommended Dr. Zuccolo to me.  After just two adjustments with Dr. Zuccolo, the mobility in my right arm was almost completely restored and now, several years later, it is fully functional.  Thank you Flamborough Family Chiropractic!

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