Penny D.

I came to Flamborough Family Chiropractic with  lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg to my ankle.  I was taking painkillers daily to help.  It was difficult to do light housework and to go shopping.  Often at social events, if I was sitting or standing in one spot, the shooting pain would be aggravated.

I was worried that chiropractic care would be too aggressive for me and I wasn’t sure if it could help my pain.

Not long after I started chiropractic treatment with Dr. Zuccolo, I noticed a change.  The equipment used is painless and I was surprised at how quickly the adjustments began to help my problem and ease my pain.  Now I rarely take Tylenol 3s because I am free of pain for the majority of the time thanks to regular chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Amy Zuccolo is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her.  It is thanks to her that I can now enjoy shopping, baking and household tasks again.

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